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  1. Andy S

    Hello, i came across your website as a result of a google search on sizing a stepper motor. I am designing an application which amounts to a linear actuator with a lead screw directly driven by stepper motor. The fastest RPM desired is about 150 RPM. I’m intending on driving this with a 12V battery, and the motor driver I’m using can go up to 2 Amps, although I’d like to stay as close to 1 Amp to avoid having to worry too much about heat dissipation of the motor driver. At the same time, I want to maximize the torque (e.g. payload) the motor can drive. I assume I’ll need ~50 oz-in of torque at 150 RPM.

    Is this realistic with 12 VDC?

    Thanks in advance…

    1. Jeff Kordik Post author

      Thanks for your inquiry. Since your speed requirement is low, 12V should be fine. We recommend a size 23 motor to achieve your goal of 50 oz-in torque. One option is a separate motor and drive: STR2 from Applied Motion Products can operate from a 12V power supply. A good motor for that drive is the HT23-598.

      Or you could use a motor with built-in drive such as STM23R-2NN.

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